Philosphy, Theology, Religion, and Social Psychology

The world neurotransmitter philosophy and language Wars

Pope Benedict XVl

Concept Paper CP-109  by Herb Zinser on the organic chemistry  expression continuum --> social  chemistry and Base 16 bio-math agent Cardinal Ratzinger.





An oxygen molecule is the sum of 2 oxygen  atoms.




Scholarly articles for cellulose pulp manufacturer of  human priests and  speaking pulp + pits --> pulpits

Pulping processes. - ‎Rydholm - Cited by 873


Pulp (paper)  --> religious papers and pulpits and the question of  Nature's communications system accuracy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to Manufacture of wood pulp - A pulp mill is a manufacturing facility that converts wood ... the cellulose fibres together) and hemicelluloses, ...



Messenger for base 16 hexadecimal ought speak up ..... and acknowledge the EARTH Language system





EARTH LANGUAGE --> Nature's HOLY WATER molecular code and the  Polish Godzin language code 




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