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The world neurotransmitter philosophy and language Wars

The Unitarian Church math test

Z-paper-390 by Herb Zinser reviews  human bio-math representatives and their  efforts or lack of effort.




First Unitarian  (Unitar --> Unit array)  Society of Madison Home Page (Unitarian ...
First Unitarian Society of Madison
First Unitarian Society of Madison is the spiritual home of over 2000 adults  .... who need to come down to solid ground and mathematics reality







The 26 letters  of the atomic English alphabet  LINK  the EARTH iron core --> math mapping word ....cor --> brain cortex --> brain cortext +  math and science textbooks.








Below, the bio-computer feature of the UNIT church who need to improve their self-awareness about their existence.


  • IBM Archives: IBM 3420 magnetic tape drive
    To improve the operation of tape and move some of its control function out of the central processing unit (CPU), some instructions were moved to the tape drive.




MVS JCL Reference
University of Leipzig
OS/390. IBM. MVS JCL Reference. GC28-1757-09 ... This edition applies to Version 2 Release 10 of OS/390 (5647-A01) and to all subsequent releases and modifications until otherwise indicated in .... DCB Parameter . .... UNIT Parameter -->  for the super-symmetry parallel processing MIRROR  ........ UNIT parameter -->  the   Unitarian Church SECRET bio-computer schemes
Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE language word for hydrocarbon --> Petro --> assigned by Nature's systems to hydrocarbon military agent --> humanoid with proper noun  approximation --> Petraeus
Brain computer ...   data bit errors can cause bit -->bitching behavior
Thus we see the tricks and lies of language sucha s practiced at Virginia TECH University  ...and their incomplete  explanation of the Base  16 hexadecimal shooting of April 16 ordered by the oxygen atom of the LUNG ...that scheduled the  bio-computer JOB execution for
CAD =   Computer Aided Design of CAD --> student and teacher CADavers..

Administering batch environments -
The job scheduler accepts and schedules the execution of batch jobs. ... Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) based batch applications run inside the ...... pairs must be either passed in via. Chapter 5
Hence, we see the cover-up by newspapers ..and their omission of key empirical factors in the analysis of the signaling EVENT.

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